11 cu ft Solar Refrigerator ESCR311SW (White)


This solar refrigerator is 11 cu ft (311 liters) and has ample room for food storage with no compromise to efficiency. It provides larger cooling refrigeration storage compared to the freezing compartment. The refrigerator is situated on the bottom and the freezer on the top and is ideal for both residential and business customers. Average current draw on 24v is 2.5 amps @ +25°C/77°F ambient temperature.

To operate per day, this unit requires mono/poly solar panels, 41.5Ah* 12 volt deep-cycle battery and a 15 amp 12/ 24v solar charge controller. Easy installation by an electrician, or we can provide guided instructions to install.

Product Model ESCR311SW
Type of Compressor  DC
System Voltage(V) 12/ 24
Total Capacity (L/ cu ft) 311/ 11
Capacity of Cooling Cabinet (L/ cu ft) 222/ 7.8
Capacity of Freezer Cabinet (L/ cu ft) 89/ 3.2
Input Voltage Range for 12v / 24v System (V) 10.4 - 16.8 / 21.3 - 31.5 DC
Maximum Power Rating @ Startup (W) 60
Recommended Fuse for 12v / 24v System (A) 15/ 7.5
Daily Power Consumption @ 25°C/77°F Ambient Temp. (kWh/ day)* 0.50*
Adjustable Internal temperature Yes
Reversible Doors Yes
Temperature Range Cooling (°C/°F) 0°C / 32°F - 10°C / 50°F
Temperature Range Freezing (°C/°F) Up to -18°C/-0.4°F

Product Dimensions W x D x H (mm/ inches)

595*600*1745/ 23.5 * 23.6 * 69

Product Weight (Kg/ lb)

55/ 122.0

AC Power Compatibility AC/ DC Adapter Available on Request


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