Solar Air Conditioners (Floor Standing)

EcoSolarCool solar air conditioners are highly efficient and most ideal in warm and sunny climates. Unlike conventional air conditioners, the sunnier and hotter it gets, the more efficient our solar air conditioners work. EcoSolarCool solar air conditioners can save you as much as 40 - 50% on energy consumption, compared to a conventional home/ office window split unit air conditioner.
The basic principle of our solar air conditioners is, thermal energy from the sun &/or environmental ambient temperatures are used to heat the liquid in the solar
flat plate in a vacuum-type environment. This in turn serves to heat the refrigerant gas in the compressor. The thermal heat energy generated through the solar flat plate reduces the amount of electrical energy required by the compressor. Therefore, the hotter the liquid gets in the solar flat plate, the better the performance of the solar air conditioner. To learn more, please read our short article on What is a Solar Air Conditioner.
Our Floor-Standing solar air conditioners are available in two sizes, 24,000 Btu and 48,000 Btu. To operate, this unit requires a mono/poly solar panel (s) and gel or AGM deep-cycle battery. Easy installation by an electrician, or we can provide guided instructions to install. 

Floor Standing Solar Air Conditioner
Cooling (Btu/h) 24000 48000
DC Input Voltage (VDC) 12/ 24/ 48 12/ 24/ 48
Heating (Btu/h) 27000 55000
Length of Copper Pipe Connector (ft) 3.3 - 6.6 3.3 - 6.6
Sound Level Indoor (dB) ≤51 ≤53
Sound Level Outdoor (dB) ≤58 ≤60
Air Circulation (ft³/min) 735.7 1118.3
Suitable Area (ft²) 323 - 517 624 - 1001
EER (W/W) 3.82 3.87
EER (Btu/h/w) 13.03 13.2
Cooling (A) 7.73~8.64 15.91~17
Heating (A) 7.73~8.66+1.6 15.91~17.09+1.6
Indoor Unit (Inch) 21.7*11.8*70.5 21.7*15.4*70.5
Outdoor Unit (Inch) 37*11.8*29.7 37.4*14.2*49.4
Indoor Unit (Lb) 94.8 114.6
Outdoor Unit (Lb) 121.3 213.8
Solar Flat Plate (Lb) 35.3 50.7

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